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TJstill photo manip of multiple eunuchs

I love these photos of multiple eunuchs on display. It creates a wonderful impression of casual, accepted normalcy.

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nice picture.
I could be the man on the far left in terms of the size of my penis, who is standing right next to the blond lady.
As you can see, he no longer has an erection as is good for a castrated male.
Something is still happening with the other two, but the erection should happen soon.

Hello Joachim, and I would like to be the blond young lady who examines you eunuchs.
I would like to know what she writes there?

She is sexually posed with her nipple hanging out, and a view right up her spread legs to her stripped panties. She is free from male libido as her eunuchs show no arousal. Seems to be another woman there. Perhaps they’re selecting some eunuchs to serve them.

I love being naked with other guys as I am the only one in our cuckold group who has been castrated, they all have normal sized cocks that go hard, while mine is shrinking by the day and just sits useless between my legs.

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