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New “Harem Slave” story

The castratrice looks forward to the fun ahead. “Oh, the Joys of Castration!”
Before castration.  Little does he know what will happen in half an hour!
While he awaits what he thinks is a photoshoot she has a potty ready to keep the penis in after the chop.
While he kneels with his cock in the chopper he watcher the castratrice display her charms thought the hood.  He thinks he’ll be having fun in the fuck-hole soon. How wrong he is!
Instead he suffers a painful fate!
He shakes his head in despair at the loss of his manhood.
Examining the severed penis, while he weeps.
She binds the wound with straps.
Weeks later, he learns to use a dildo as a replacement.
He might even learn to cane a feminine bottom to relive his tensions.
Alas, she can show him her fuck-hole but he can’t go inside any more.
Life without a cock.
Do women dream of this?

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Prolonged Torture !!
With no penis but with balls, he’ll have strong urges but no way to satisfy them.

I don’t think women dream of cutting off men’s penises. But I with other women have on ocasión have dreamt of cutting men’s balls off; taking away their masculinity because they are not giving what we women want.

I’m an ocasional misandrists. I enjoy sharing my emotions with other women. However I deeply desire for a real man to put me in romantic bliss; a paradise that can’t be put in words. The problem is that most men don’t have what it takes. There’re duds. It’s a little bit depressing. On ocasión I get angry and extremely frustrated at men. And on rare ocasiones I fantasize of cutting their balls out. They’re just such a big problem anyway.

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