Bilateral orchiectomy – LGBTQ Clinic at University of Iowa Health Care

Another helpful young lady. Two and a half minute video.

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I’m not referring to homosexuals, but there are some men with their feminine side developed, and some women with their masculine side developed. Kind of a medium way to developed both sides.
However becoming transgender is a whole different game. One is going entirely in the opposite direction.
Seems that most surgical removal of testicles is done for that reason, and not for cancer or injuries.

As a lesbian I could easily have an eunuch as a partner. I don’t need balls or erections. Instead I want affection and emotional connection, which a ball-less man, not just another lesbian, could provide.

She seems pretty open. $1900 is a lot, but she might have a deal if she does it topless and with no anaesthetic.

I believe her enthusiasm is to help trans people with gender dysphoria. But you can fantasize whatever you want. I know I have.

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