Dr. Sidhbh Gallagher on Eunuchs

Here’s a longer video from this plastic surgeon. She has a Youtube channel and there are a couple other videos on orchiectomy in there.

She also has an Instagram account. It’s got a lot of photos of happy patients after their surgery but few are identified as to what kind of surgery and I didn’t find any that were identified as orchiectomies.

Apparently, she has done a number of orchiectomies. So that’s great.

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Hugely profitable. It has a massive psychological impact but is still a minor surgery that should only require a local anaesthetic. You can get your dog done for around $150, but she’ll be charging ten times that, maybe more.

My husband’s procedure was covered because it was a medical necessity, cancer of his testicles. If it is an elective procedure, the medical insurance may well not cover it.

If it is elective then the surgeon just won’t do it at all. It’s only when it can be proven to be “gender affirming” that insurance will cover it although I have no idea to what extent.

She should have said “AMAB people who dont feel comfortable with male genitalia, or slaves whose owner does not feel comfortable with male genitalia…”

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