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The Wicked Hand by Titian Beresford PDF

This is a collection of 7 stories and an intro by the editrix of “Leg Show” magazine, Dian Hanson. “Leg Show” is where the stories were originally published. There are still a number of stories that were published in “Leg Show” that have never been collected in a book. Beresford also wrote under the name of Gerda Harm. I managed to read one of those unpublished stories and I admit it was a little subpar. Nevertheless, I yearn to gobble up everything Beresford put out. I’d also dearly love to learn who he really was. Apparently, famous fetish illustrator, Sardax, used to correspond with him. And Sardax illustrated some of Beresford’s stories for “Leg Show” I believe. Anyway, here ’tis.

The Wicked Hand by Titian Beresford

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