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“Who Wears the Pants” by Aunt Cassie

She and her husband had had another protracted and, in her opinion, silly argument. On the following day she told him that she had made an appointment with a doctor that would help him with his problem learning who wore the pants in the family. She told him that the doctor specified that he shave his scrotum thoroughly in preparation.

On the day of the appointment the wife checked that he had shaved his scrotum as required before driving him to the appointment.

The wife sat in the exam room as the lady doctor talked to the husband. The doctor instructed him to remove his lower garments and climb into her exam table.

“I love it when males present their neatly shaved scrotums to me,” declared the doctor with a broad smile.

Then, to the husband the doctor said, “Now I’m going to give you some local anesthetic to get you ready for what happens next. And I’m sure you’ve guessed by now what that is going to entail. I’ve discussed it with your wife and we both agree this is the best thing for you.”

A short while later the doctor was sewing up his now empty scrotum.
“You’ll be a little sore for the next two weeks,” the doctor told him. “And you will also find that your penis will no longer be working as it used to.” The wife couldn’t repress a snicker.

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