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Just renewed my domain for another year. Guess this will be the last year for this blog. I’ll probably terminate by April of 2024 at the latest. Not really much of a blog anyway. Other than a few administrative functions I haven’t added anything to the images. I think there are some other sites that have site-ripped this blog so the images will still be out there for a while.

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I will miss the blog so much. I hope if you receive more comments and engagement you will reconsider.

I get a lot more interaction on DeviantArt. I think it’s because it’s more egalitarian. On here I am seen as the all-powerful Admin which is too intimidating. And so much of what I post really leaves me cold, I post a lot of things in hopes others might like it. It’s just a chore.

Just post what you personally like, then. ๐Ÿ™‚ even if you post less frequently thats fine as long as you are happy.

I think its just the times we now live in I am afraid. I remember the good old gurochan castration threads. People posting, talking, joking, posting links, a real huge community. Now, now everything is policed, everything investigated, everyone threatened with arrest, all images, even those obviously drawn, under law considered real. So ALL pics with ANY beast of ANY description, mythical or not, ANY person not obviously of certain ages, don’t know how thats even possible, then, threatened with arrest. Add copywrite prosecution, anti-piracy, bull, an its own worldwide policing services. An EVERYWHERE gets scared. With HUGE COMPANIES now scared, to even host adult material, let alone fetish stuff, an they were usually protected by governments, now their used as escape goats instead, so they stop allowing posting…… When companies with loads of money get scared,People, with no money or power to protect themselves, they become scared to post! Scared to share, scared to post, scared of right Wing facists in authority, just plain scared to post. No posts, no community…. ๐Ÿ™ I fear, an I saw it coming once the EU passed online anti-copywrite laws, this would be the result. No more sharing, no more confidence to admit ones fetishes, no more freedom. Cruella, an, Goddess magazine used to create the best ever stories an photosets covering this fetish. Then UK Law changed. An the police kept threatening the maker with arrest. So….He stopped making the fantastic magazine. It still exists. But is nothing like the Good days. No castration, penectomy, or anything remotely extreme….It was killed off. Welcome to todays “free” internet. Fear, prosecution, monitoring, death of free speech, death of openness, death of freedom of expression, in any form or media. Back to old days, underground sharing, hidden secret fetishists, secret doodles, oppression, eventual anger, an outburst of violence from decades of repression. Welcome to the new world. Oppression and increased violence, drug use. Welcome to society de-evolution…. Admin, I for one appreciate your creating this site. It was my most favourite site on the net! Same as Cruella, Kathersis, Eunarch Archieve,Gurochan,FemdomWorld,an now, Castration is Love, ALL were the BEST sites on the net, until ALL died….Come on World revolution, bring freedom back to everyone! Admin, I am sad you have decided to stop. I understand why. Your not alone. An you will be remembered…… I always say to website owners, don’t look at number of posts, look at number of visits, that shows the real impact you make. THAT number, is the REAL number you have had an affect on who overwise would have no where to be even slightly brave enough to reveal to probably anyone, their real selves. THAT is the power you really shared. Even if its just one life, YOU probably have helped save someones life though letting others know, their not alone in this strange fetish we all share. Thank you Admin. Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

I think you’re over-dramatizing. I only have to pay $5/month to ViceTemple and I can post just about any drawing as long as it’s not underage.
And now that I think of it, there are probably better ways of handling this material with more focus on quality and making the images part of narratives. A real slick, pro site.
I’ll be turning 70 this November so am getting tired. I also have other fetishes I like to indulge purely as a consumer such femboi, yaoi, femdom and futanari. Twitter, DeviantArt and Pixiv give me all the fun I can handle.
I haven’t checked the stats lately but I’ve been getting about 10k pageviews a day. I don’t know how that translates to individual people. Oops, more like 8k.
I had 7 years of castration blogging on Blogger and now 3 years on WordPress. It’s been fun being the ruler of a tiny kingdom.

Having only just discovered your site here, I am sorry to see if he clock is running on its existence – but then again, the clock runs on everything I guess.

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