Commenting re-enabled

No shitty comments please.

8 replies on “Commenting re-enabled”

Thanks for keeping it going, I really like the collection here! Some new manips at bb board.

thanks. I never leave shitty comments anywhere on the internet and respect everyone. By the way there are some new castration pics in gurochan “G” castration and penectomy . I took existing images by other artists and sent them to gimp. look around the vicinity of the wednesday adams image holding the severed cock and balls. It might not be good enough for your site. I’ll apologize in advance. But I created several new compositions. A couple preggo images with castration a castrated hanging. Some of my old stuff is there too, the wrestling girls with the elastrator and such. Thanks

Thanks for keeping the site going. It is one of my favorite site. Just ignore the haters, they are nothing good.

I noticed all the comments I’ve made are erased after moderation, is there something up with that or was it just the issues from before?

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