Neocorona machine milking

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Hanz Kovacq – “Hilda” #1 manip

This is a repost.

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Hanz Kovacq – “Hilda” #1

“…secret sound passages…”

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Pegging a eunuch GIF

Nicely castrated eunuch, scrotum removed cleanly. Found this on Cait B’s BDSMLR. Cait B. is very fond of pegging.

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Classic castrated-house-husband caption

I adore this idea. I think a whole novel could be built around this idea. I’m reposting this classic caption because I’ve gotten so much jerk-off mileage out of it and in particular a wonderful, huge cummy this morning.

The following NeuteringCaps caption expresses this idea so well, especially the final line: “Being a castrated house husband is the best some guys can hope for.” But I’m not really into the whole small-penis-humiliation aspect of it, I don’t feel it’s necessary and it also doesn’t appeal to my tastes.



“I think it’s about time I had you castrated,” she said

Yup, it’s that time.


topm_blog – sucrette domina

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TJstill 3D-art manip and caption

She may have been interested in what he had to offer if he had some nuts.

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“Anita’s Tale: The Sperm Donor” by Sabrina Jen Mountford

Here’s an excerpt from the climax:

“She was feeling more aroused than she’d ever felt, the spermatic cord resting between the blades of her scissors, his remaining testicle gently resting in her fingers… His future, his sexuality, his libido, his sense of identity… So much resting in her hands, waiting, willing and accepting for her to take these away…”

Available on Amazon kindle, $3.75.

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TJstill maledom/shemaledom photo manips

This is the last TJstill post for a while. Check out his castration manips forum thread on TheDarkSpotTwo.