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Saving For His Orchi

[ This is inspired by “A Female Dominated Household” by David P. ]

A dominant wife and a lady GP discuss her sissy husband’s chronic peenie pulling while he sits and listens quietly. The husband is already taking testosterone suppression medication but it’s not enough. The lady GP recommends eliminating the source of the testosterone, the testicles, via an elective bilateral orchiectomy, or orchi for short. The major drawback is that elective procedures are not covered by health insurance. The wife asks the GP how much an orchi would cost. The GP gives her a ballpark figure and the wife resolves to save for it. The GP gives her a referral for a clinic to perfrom the procedure.

Later, at home, the wife tells the husband to enjoy his peenie pulling because he won’t be able to after his orchi.

The wife adopts economizing measures to help in saving for the orchi. She also obtains promises of generous loans from her lady friends to help pay for the orchi. The wife also looks into payment plan options at the clinic the GP has designated.

Finally she has saved enough to pay for the orchi and she tells her husband that the following day is the day of his appointment. A week later he has mostly recovered and a month later he has healed enough for the wife to show off his empty scrotum to her lady friends when they visit and who are all eager to see it.

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