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David P – “A Female-Dominated Household” (edited excerpt)

[ Been getting mileage out of this lately. I apologize for not being able to say where to find the original story. ]

The internist who cares for my husband is a modern no-nonsense woman very much in the same mold as myself. So he has his temp taken rectally as a matter of course and is given an enema during each office visit. The nurses and assistants seem to enjoy this ridiculous charade immensely. My husband is completely used to being around women while wearing just panties and a camisole. And he’s relaxed being ordered up into the stirrups where his prostate and peenie are checked.

His doctor has let me know that over time sissy men such as my husband will come to regard their daily dildo training as their primary sexual outlet, despite the obvious discomfort that goes along with the procedure. It’s my hope that he will learn that his prostate gland is the only sexual organ that counts. And that what little he has up front is just silly and useless.

My husband is used to being asked by his doctor to tell in excruciating detail how much he masturbates and how. And this is logged on his chart. He is on a long term testosterone-suppression prescription, which his doctor and I have agreed is the best way to keep his chronic peenie pulling under at least some degree of control. Also, his doctor and I have been discussing the eventual option of an elective bilateral orchiectomy — the removal of his marble-sized balls, as a permanent solution to curtail his testosterone production. For now, it’s on the back burner because our health insurance almost certainly won’t cover elective procedures.

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