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Here’s a first pass at making a list of rules.
The thing to bear in mind is that this is a FANTASY site dedicated to the sexual arousal of men with a femdom castration fetish. Try and imagine how your comment would effect someone who is looking to be aroused in this way.

Item #1: NO CONTACT INFO!!! Jeezus! This is not a meet-up site.
Item #2: No real-life medical experiences.
Item #3: No anguished pleas to be castrated.
Item #4: No “Me too!” comments.
Item #5: No empty parroting of content.

This still leaves room for a range of expression from neutral things like approval or gratitude to info/contributions of new material to erotic extensions to the content. I’ve approved almost two thousand comments so far so I’ve been very tolerant and accepting. I basically run this blog as a public service and I want visitors to have a good time.

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Hello! I found this website a long time ago, never really commented before. I find it weird that people would comment to mutilate themselves. I find this fantasy interesting when there is a battle between the sexes involved. I do not know if you have seen the “Valley of Death” from Zero Galvan. It is a very nice one. I do not know how to share pics to you here.

I have already posted 15 images from Zero Galvan in two separate posts. Use the SEARCH facility to see them. Are they the ones you have in mind? Some of them appear to be located in a desert area.
I don’t know where to find Zero Galvan art online, do you?
You can share art by posting it to and then posting the link to that in a comment. I’d love to see more Zero Galvan art.

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