Photo fantasy

They caught him spying on them while sunbathing and masturbating so they are going to have him gelded. He doesn’t mind because he loves the idea of being gelded by pretty girls.

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These naked ladies are angry at weak men. They have totally aroused the man. Now that he is so vulnerable, the females are going to joyfully neuter him.

Probably for this purpose, there are probably those beautiful women running around naked and setting a trap

The picture is really good as I roam my eyes over the girls and the young man to come up with a fantasy of emotional pleasure. I would like to write about. She was strong and just right. I wanted her on top with a strap-on. as the other was a beauty just right to band me with the green elastrator. I took my coveralls off and lay on her blanket as she but the strap -on around her full hips with the dildo in place. I spread my legs to capture her body as she got me in position for the other beautiful girl to band my manhood and lube me for penetration as she massages my balls. I felt the dido starting to go in with an ecstatic ecstasy of being Stretched wide as she penetrated into me. I felt the elastrator get tighter and tighter as the large dido force me to relax as the instinct of a sexual sensation of being spread and castrated at the same time force me to surrender my body as my mind went into a submissive blissful state of emotional pleasure as I lose all control as the two became one with the beautiful girl with the cutters.

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