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Favorite images

I have wondered whether the 2-part brochure below is a creation of the very talented xcc01.

I like the first image below so much I’d like to use it for an eBook cover if I ever get one together again. It’s a TJstill manip, by the way.


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the first time I came across that brochure, if I remember right, was some time around 2008 on or femdom forums, something like that. Someone posted that their wife made them the brochure. That site feels forever ago

I originally found the brochure on Ducker005’s tumblr. Ducker was never one for making his own art, as I recall.
ChasteBob used to send me multi-image captioned castration photo stories to post on my tumblr, I guess because he didn’t want to alienate his chastity fetish followers by posting them on his own tumblr.
It’s interesting that the address of the clinic is given in Australia. Kortpeel is British and possibly an Australian resident. Kortpeel also has a fetish for being cuckolded by intact males after he is castrated, which is one of the items in the brochure. And the level of writing is closer to Kortpeel than ChasteBob.

She in the red outfit, has her femininity extra developed with big hips and breasts, while she dominates her eunuch with his tiny penis who has lost his masculinity

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