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“Hey there, lonely boy” by Aunt Cassie

Kaylee is a hot babe in her 30s who likes to drop by the library occasionally on the lookout for virgin sissies.

A typical encounter is when she spots a shy young man at the library looking a little sad and lonely. Let’s call him Sam. She knows instinctively that he is a virgin sissy. She approaches him and says, “Hey there, lonely boy”.

He immediately brightens. He can’t believe his luck. But he also kind of expects it. He’s a momma’s boy that expects to have everything in life handed to him on a platter. But Sam has no idea what she has planned for him.

Kaylee plans to start him on a special program of guidance. She will take over his life and transform him into a ‘femboi under all’. He will become a passive receiver and satisfier of other people’s lust, especially the lusts of men. She knows this has always been his true destiny.

The final step is to ensure Sam remains a sweet, innocent little virgin forever. Kaylee knows it is imperative that his precious penile virginity must be protected and preserved permanently. He must never be allowed to penetrate a woman and play the role of a man. There is only one surefire way to guarantee this: a simple body modification.

To prepare him for the final step Kaylee introduces Sam to a small gathering of virgin sissies that Kaylee has successfully guided through the complete program. They are all soft, sweet, happy people. Sam likes them and feels a strong kinship immediately. They show Sam how they have been modified. Their balls and ball sacs have been removed and their penises are limp and have shrunk to a small size. They will never be able to penetrate a woman. Sam agrees to undergo the surgery.

Kaylee is delighted. She loves emasculating little sissy virgins.

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Thank you, TJ. I would like to expand this to a longer one. It would have a happy ending because the boy would not be lonely any more. He would have many eunuch friends. And he would also enjoy being the center of attention as a sex object used by many others, especially intact men.

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