Relaxing castratrix

Thinking about all the sissy virgins she’s had castrated.

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She has gotten many orgasms and wet panties from castrating. She getting very aroused now, just thinking about castrating.

She is thinking about the sissies, she has castrated, who would have gotten very little sex from women, that she has now freed, out of love for them, from sexual frustration and rejection. They can now look at a vagina without arousal and frustration. She is pleased to have been of service.

Relaxing castratrix is my fifth view for my fantasy. That needs a beautiful fully endowed woman that I dream will make me more submissive so my wife can handle my social problems. I was not a virgin and did not give her my balls. I made her relax after I filled her with nectar. She has in the glass enough to get her started for my wife’s friend who is the PRO Castratix.

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