Kinda sick of seeing all these Moslem Arabs in these guys’ art. They should find another ethnic group to pick on.

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It’s not exactly picking on Arabs, it’s a power thing that drives the sex fantasy. The last thing we need is PC in sexual fantasies….

I have a lot of problems with these guys, Leslie Tejlor and Bernd Wagner AKA SlaveryArt AKA SlaveryComics. I’m tempted to delete all their stuff from my blog.

Not that we have to be historically accurate in fantasy, BUT…

African slaves taken to the Ottoman Empire were actually castrated. They didn’t breed slaves, or keep them from generation to generation. When they wanted more slaves, they just bought more from the African tribes that won battles. This way they didn’t have to feed, shelter, or care for any one that couldn’t work (young, sick, or old).

I haven’t made a big study of the topic but I heard that there was a center in France (in bygone days) that did castrations of slaves in order to sell them to the Turks. I also don’t remember ever hearing that the North African, the non-Turkic, Moslems ever kept harems and eunuchs. Come to think of it, in terms of ethnicity it’s the Chinese (in history) that probably are the greatest keepers of eunuchs. Yet I never see any Chinese in Tejlor/Bernd illustrations. They were bureaucratic eunuchs in ancient China. It’s easy to pick on the Arabs for some reason.

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