soft, meek little eunuchs

Upon further reflection it has occurred to me that the contrast between before and after castration would not really be that dramatic since the males I am interested in fantasizing about are already pretty soft, weak and submissive before they are castrated.

I’m not really interested in the castration of big macho alpha males.

But in my fantasy I guess there is a transformation from a “regular guy”, a guy that is a kind of “closet case” I guess you could say who isĀ  enticed to come out and show his true submissiveness… to a dominant woman. Once this woman has accomplished this she plays cat and mouse with the poor fellow until it is time for his emasculation at her hands. The ultimate humiliation occurs at this fateful point since it is a permanent, irreversible change. Up until this point it is still possible for the guy to get himself back together and go back to his old life as a mostly “regular guy” who only lets his submissive side come out when he masturbates in private.

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Excellent point !! Submissive man and dominant woman set up the situation for symbolic castration or actual castration.

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