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Soft, meek little eunuchs

I love this caption. NeuteringCaps was such a talented guy at choosing good photos to go with his text. “Docile” is overused in this context in my opinion. I’d prefer, “soft, meek little eunuchs”. This seems more devastatingly humiliating to me.

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Since castration has become so easy, many women are doing it and making men into weak eunuchs who will do as told without resistance.

After castration the eunuch will grovel at his woman feet, kissing them in obedience, being severely spanked when he disobeys, and serving her in menial ways, and doing all household chores. Only her opinions will matter as he has no gumption. She pisses in his mouth when she wants. He’s reduced to her slave.

It pathetic to watch men beg, plead, whine, and promise us anything on their knees, just before we remove those filthy balls.

I love big, loose and hanging testicles, of course, my testicles are the same. I keep rubbing my testicles with my hand because it makes me feel good. I love the fantasy of being castrated by a beautiful and sensual lady.

After taking his balls, we girls like to gather together from time to time, and drop his pants so we can laugh at his empty sack. It’s also hilarious to watch his cock stay a limp noodle as we provocatively dance around him. He is so embarrassed being the butt of our jokes, but we girls do have fun.

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