Here is his DeviantArt page.

“Anamaria (red dress on right) waves goodbye to her former husband (squatting, center) as she leaves to catch her flight. She unfortunately can’t stick around for the duration of the procedure. She’s not worried as Dr. Ava (left) has assured her the entire ordeal is recorded. She’ll be able to watch it later, at her leisure. Maybe on her phone while she suns on the beach. A shame not to see the look on his face in person, but it can’t be helped. She’ll see him again in a few weeks when her vacation (and her eunuch’s recovery) is over.

This is Dr. Ava’s 1249th such neutering. She is an expert in her field, with zero instances of anything but flawless castration. Anyone concerned for the poor male slave should know he is in very good hands.”

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