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Before and after CFNM

Hot young ladies love to castrate!

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I would like to see the actual castration process. I think it’s interesting that women like to castrate men. Maybe castrating men increases women’s lust.

Women love to castrate men either out of jealousy or lust. Jealousy of the penis and testicles they don’t have, or increased libido when they dominate men.

No, I’m not into circumcision. As for fantasy, I have found that some people like it. There are a lot of body modifications that people get into. There’s a site that’s into that, BME, Body Modification e-zine.

They all look like adult women to me.
It’s good that the women and their victim’s expressions work so well in both scenarios. He has a neatly circumcised porn star penis. While it’s not too long, it has some girth.
In the first photo, the woman in the tartan skirt confidently lifts the penis to reveal that he has the kind of balls women love to suck up into their mouths—large, round and loosely hung. In the second, the surprise is more intriguing. A lady vet has paid a house call.
Have no doubt that in either case, the ladies will be masturbating over what they’ve seen for years to come.

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