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I really like the deferent intensity of light I received from each frame as I went from a balance of black, white to the value of hue of color frames to get a good feeling of fantasy.

My Dear Admin. Thank you for your reply about fine art in my comments. I appreciated your view as a critique of cartoons and fantasy in fine art that I studied in art history and drew sketches in painting and printmaking under the teaching of proven artist. I got out my HEAVY Metal and MAD from 1977. FRAK FRAZZETTA and BORIS VALLEJO of fantasy fame are my favorites of that period. I love the evolution of art today. It is your site and quite Franky art is not good or bad. It has harmony and balance or even chaos to make it WORK to be enjoyed. You do not need a degree to be a artist. I fine so many people saying why did you get it. I was studying E=M x C Squared if you know what I mean.

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