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There have been studies. In my own case I ascribe it to an early childhood trauma that resulted in spending months in traction. Castration would make me a good child again and return me to my mother’s love.

Why does anything arouse anyone?

Some men resent their sex drive as it makes them behave oddly. They regret the hours spent searching out porn or that they treated someone they’re attracted to differently (favourably or cruelly). Here castration represents freedom, but this fetish is much more profound.

We live in a phallocentric culture which constantly references the mythical power of testicles. To have balls is to have strength and power. To have someone by the balls is to control them. To break someone’s balls is to ridicule them. In this sense, women can have metaphorical balls and be ballsy, but balls definitely represent the patriarchy.

From a very young age, we are told to respect testicles, which are vulnerable and must be handled carefully. Testicles are well protected and completely off-limits in sports, including martial arts. So to strike a man’s balls is an incredibly transgressive act, not because of the disabling pain endured by the victim but because it is a symbolic strike against patriarchy. Few women—regardless of their sexuality—do not enjoy seeing a man take a blow to the balls.

At the same time, many men will be aware that alongside strength and power, those with balls are expected to be courageous and take charge. Not everyone wants this responsibility. When we defer to another man, he is said to have bigger balls.

But when a woman takes charge of a man (e.g. in the workplace), she offends patriarchy, and so, metaphorically, she has cut off his balls. Women who frequently stamp their authority in the workplace are ballbreakers (such a common phrase the dictionary has it as one word). It’s as if a woman is obliged to castrate a man before she can be his boss.

In this metaphor, a man who accepts the authority of a woman has consented to his castration. But if a man and woman are workplace rivals and she is promoted above him, she will be obliged to castrate him by force if necessary before her authority is accepted.

This language has an enormous erotic charge, so it is no surprise that castration and CBT are among the most common sexual fantasies.

I was macho for a long time… Then I met a wonderful woman who is strong and smart… I accepted that She is the boss… My masculinity is the greatest treasure, but if she asked, I would give it to Her… I would prove that She is the most important …When our cat went crazy during mating season and he wandered, then we took him to the vet together to castrate him… The doctor explained the benefits… and he really became a better cat…I took my pitbull dog to be castrated without asking, so he wouldn’t be aggressive…

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