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There are a lot of links to videos on YouTube and other video sites. Not many images. I think this is one of those sites where you’re not allowed to see the full size version of an image until you’ve been a member for a while. Anyway, here’s the link. The forum has 455 pages to date. Another fucked up thing about this forum is that the word “castration” is substituted by asterisks, i.e., “**********”. And I imagine that most of the links in the earlier pages have gone defunct so I guess it would be a better strategy to start at the last page and work backwards.

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We these sorts of forums, it’s best to start at the end with the most recent posts, as they’ll be fewer broken links. A curious video of a neatly removed cock and balls held aloft by a female hand is one of the first you’ll come across. She has quite the trophy.

If it’s not an exceptionally good prosthetic, it’s most likely from someone very recently deceased.

Funeral homes may well provide us with a major sex scandal in the future. I went to school with a boy who loved to shock with jokes about necrophilia. There’s nothing unusual about teenage boys being into gore. Still, he fulfilled his ambition to be a funeral director, and I’ve always felt uncomfortable with the idea of someone with his erotic imagination being in charge of the bodies. After all, nobody checks to see if their loved one still has his genitals once he’s lying in his coffin.

The reason they use asterix in place of the word Castration, is that the board was threatened with closure by the hoster of the bulliten board service. The word was turning up in robot search engines run by government bodies, hence they got threats of closure if those words were used. It was the only way they could keep it open. Also the links are usually not hotlinks, but have to be copied by copy and paste, because again, the board was threatened by hosting services for breaching copywrite bullshit.
Poxy anal retentive politicians, again, picking on minorities they think they can easily use as scape goats to focus public hatred on, for their own broken political promises! Sites use a lot of seemingly strange ways, not because they want to, just because they have to, because of others forcing them to. I really do miss years gone by, where people just shared stuff, because they could, now everyones scared to share, say, or do anything remotely different, welcome to the police state everyone keeps asking for without using any brain cells to understand how much their giving up!

If you Google “femdom castration” you get dozens of hits for sites that don’t use asterisks. Are there any other ‘bad’ words on that site that are systematically disguised with asterisks? Castration is clearly right square on the female domination spectrum. It’s bizarre to be coy about it.

What it most likely is is that the owners of the site don’t want to alienate prospective users with an extreme form of female domination. It’s all a public relations thing.

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