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“Human Dog – Puppy Play Erotica” by Maia Anne Fisher (excerpt)

Ye, he was afraid, but was also aroused. He was very aroused at Sadie’s treatment of him. He started going over the night’s events in his head, as he did he reached down to his crotch and grabbed the shaft of his penis. It was hard, so very hard he started pumping his had up and down, slowly, slowly working himself to orgasm. As he did this, he heard fast clicking coming down the hall. The kitchen door flung open and Sadie strode in scowling at him. “Stop that this instant! What do you think you are doing?”

He opened him mouth to answer, then remembered the anti-bark collar and looked up at her instead. She leaned lower to him. “Dogs do NOT masturbate; if they want to stimulate themselves sexually they lick their own genitals. Don’t try to deny it, I saw you on the hidden infra-red camera! Seeing as you clearly aren’t flexible to stimulate yourself as dogs should and you can’t resist temptation, I shall have to outfit you with a chastity device. Wait here, if I even suspect you’ve played with yourself when I return I’m going to give you a level ten shock!”


She pulled her heels back on and lead him out of the back of the house. He urinated against a tree, cocking his leg and then was led back to the kitchen. She ruffled his hair and petted him, then ushered him into his cage and locked the door. Finally she leaned forwards. “You’ve been a good dog today. Try to get some sleep. Im having the vet around tomorrow to have a look at you, I’m thinking of having you neutered, to see if it calms you down a little.”


“I’ll get you your breakfast, then I think I’ll take you for a walk before the vet comes to see about neutering you.”

George looked stunned at her, trying to convey confusion and surprise with his body language and facial expression.

“Yes, neutering you. I think you’re quite a frisky little puppy and maybe castrating you will calm you down a little? I want the vet’s opinion. Now come on, it’s time for breakfast.”

[ Sadie takes George for a walk ]

When they got back to the house there was a girl sitting on the patio waiting for them. She was sipping a glass of lemonade, wearing dark green scrubs, rather like a nurse but in vet’s colors. Sadie smiled at her. “Ah, Anita, you’re here, come to have a look at him.”

Anita rose and smiled. “Hello. And is this the fellow?”

“Yes, he’s quite a good dog, but he can be a bit frisky. I caught him trying to play with himself the other night, that’s why he’s in a chastity device.”

“Hmmm, well, let’s just take a look at him. Hold him still.”

George shuddered as Sadie gripped his collar tightly and he heard the snap of latex gloves behind him. She started by shining a small flashlight in his eyes, when she reached toward his mouth he held his mouth shut instinctively, but Sadie scolded him. “Be a good dog for the vet, let her examine you.”

Submissively he opened his mouth and allowed her to feel inside and shine her flashlight in, inspecting him. Her hands felt his abdomen and legs and arms, then her latex gloved hands slid beneath his butt-plug tail and gripped his testicles, making him jump.

“Hmmm, these are sensitive aren’t they, and look he’s leaking semen. Well, he’s got two intact testicles, he seems healthy, but yes, I can see he has quite a high sex drive. I think he’d definitely benefit from being neutered, it would certainly calm him down.”

“How is it done? Would he feel any pain?

“Oh no, a lot of dogs are much happier after I’ve castrated them. It’s a fairly simple procedure. I’d give him a little sedative, then some local anesthetic. I’d make an incision here, in the scrotum and snip the testicles off, then sew him back up. To be honest, though, I recommend you have his scrotum removed completely too, it only catches on things and without testicles he won’t need it anymore anyway.”

“When could you fit him in? Could you neuter him today?”

“I’m sorry, I’m busy today, I could do him next week — you’d have to bring him down to the surgery.”

“Okay, thanks, I’ll be in touch.”

Of course, while this conversation was going on Anita’s latex gloved hands were maneuvering over his genitals, demonstrating where the cuts would be made and what would be removed. Sadie and Anita having this conversation in front of him had him quivering with fear, desperate to say something, but unable to, due to the anti-bark collar. Anita left and Sadie sat on one of the iron patio chairs smirking at her shaking pet.


[ Sadie disables his anti-bark collar to discuss whether he wishes to become her pet dog permanently ]

“Urgh! You were talking about neutering me.”

“Just a bit of fun, of course if you wanted to be my permanent pet, and after Dr. Eve’s programming you turned out to be a little bit frisky — well, perhaps I’d have you neutered to calm you down. Anita is very professional, it would be very safe and the results would be exquisite.”

[ The decision is deferred for the time being. George agrees to return and be Sadie’s pet dog again on the following weekend. ]

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Rosita Amici

This is a re-post because I found it particularly hot. It’s from a longer piece called, “Mass Castration After the Fall of the Ancient City Barresha 318 A.D”. The thing that really heated it up for me the other day was the realization that the girl in the images is a self-portrait of the artist herself. And the fact that she’s sticking her tongue out in a sexy way in the middle panel.

cartoon comix

Trapdoor Spiderwoman

This is re-post because it’s one of my favorite fantasies.


Evil castratrix





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