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Rosita Amici

This is a re-post because I found it particularly hot. It’s from a longer piece called, “Mass Castration After the Fall of the Ancient City Barresha 318 A.D”. The thing that really heated it up for me the other day was the realization that the girl in the images is a self-portrait of the artist herself. And the fact that she’s sticking her tongue out in a sexy way in the middle panel.

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Rosita’s drawings are really a must. I do love her sexy way to describe and fulfill our preferite fetish. And yes indeed, the intriguing way with which she portrait herself is terribly hot. I wish I could find her works in her Patreon pages.

Ihre Zeichnungen sind super und detailgetreu. da w├╝rde ich von ihr auch am liebsten kastriert und penektomiert werden.

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