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Newberry castrating knife caption

From Hunter’s BDSMLR blog.

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What do you think about men’s testicles?
What do you think about male castration?
What do you think about the fantasy of male castration?

Hello again. I knew you’d love this one I made two years ago!! I just added a huge download to my site. Several celebrity gifs I made, pretty balls that need banding, and other grisly pics demonstrating banding and cbt very well. Some of my favs for sure. Thank you for the recommendation to your viewers to visit!! However, I mainly post there for you be able to select to choose for your excellent curated site. Between both collection, you’ll have a definitive collection of castration material available. I posted many rare ones that’s disappeared from the net as they often do that I had saved. I really love how you group my pics together in a set for your site as it displays them well together!! Thanks again, and I’m here to proved for your fantastic collection. More to come…😉

I appreciate your interest and contributions, Hunter. But I’m not really interested in ‘grisly’ images. And I really don’t want to have to be visiting your BDSMLR blog every time you update. I’ll get around to visiting your blog according to my own schedule so there may be long periods between my visits. I’m sorry if this discourages you but I have my own life to live. In fact, I’ve been considering terminating the Castration-is-Love blog altogether.

Noooo please do not end your fabulous blog.
I need it more than my needless ”thingy”.
Just ignore the ”psychos”

Totally agree with Julia! I enjoy the work you do, please don’t terminate the blog. I also have difficulties ignoring weirdos and psycos but you also have people like Julia and I who appreciate everything you do 🙂 Arguably we are all crazy tho, lol.

Thanks, Mike! Yes, we’re all crazy and I love you all for it!

I wasn’t going to say anything but the only reason I would terminate the blog is because of the area where I live is incredibly conservative, straitlaced Christian. Trump is worshipped as a god. I really feel paranoid and persecuted and exposed. The pornography laws in this area are probably draconian and medieval.

The weirdos that whine in the comments about how they wanna be castrated just make me sad.

This type of castration tool is one of the worst. Used on cows ,sheep goats horses where the scrotum in hanging down. Extremely sharp it is placed between the testicles closed and pulled down as fast as possible. It splits the scrotum in two . Testicles fall out and the cords are cut. I would not recommend in any way for human use.

Dont worry about others too much or they succeed in ruling your life. Trump is no god (the way he has acted he wont even get to see god it existed). I am sure he is wacking off to porn anyway.

There is a good explanation of how the Newberry knife works on the net. It is used to slit open the scrotum on cattle where the job is done as easily and fast as possible and a normal knife can slip and do damage.

Hello again! Hope your well and enjoying your blog. I’ve been working regularly on my bdmslr blog adding a lot of content from my old Tumblr archive, just in case you haven’t checked in lately. Hope you find some new ones you’ll enjoy!

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