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Fantastic blog! I had a Tumblr castration blog that was quite popular with a thousand or more post. Unfortunately , it’s been removed. I would like to allow you access to post them if you desire, as I would love to see my hard work be revived and enjoyed again. What would be the best method to do so, so you could see them and review?

Start a BDSMLR blog with your favorite images on it and then post the link to it in a comment here.
I looked at the imgur images you included and didn’t like any of them that much.

Thanks, Hunter. I looked at them. I’ve already posted a number of them. And generally I’m not really into photos that much. But I’ll return to check out your blog from time to time.

Hello again. Just updated with some old ones from my archives that I think you’ll love and appreciate! Picked ones that seem to fit your taste. Thanks!

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