Announcement: Real-Life Castration Comments Will No Longer Be Accepted

I’m sick and tired of hearing about people’s real-life castrations, either in the past or prospective. Most of the comments are from 60+ old men that seem proud to be impotent and want to turn that into a hot sex event by adding a real castration. It really is phenomenal how many I get like that. Makes me wanna puke, frankly.

Anyway, this is a fantasy site. All the men and women involved in castrations on here are young and sexy forever. If you want to talk about your real life castration please go to the Eunuch Archive where that topic is very welcome.

10 replies on “Announcement: Real-Life Castration Comments Will No Longer Be Accepted”

I hate to hear this, but totally understand. People can be disappointing at times. I look forward to every new entry on this page.

Good idea, I am sure that there are a lot of older men that find relief from visiting this site. It has for me. Please keep up the great work. I found this site as a result of having prostate cancer and the different medical procedures to deal with it. Real castration is sometimes unavoidable and a little humor is beneficial.

I want you to know from a true fan this site is well put together I hope that inappropriate comments don’t make you want to shut the site down keep up the great work

Hello I’m a 24 year old transwoman and honestly I’m surprised by the amount of people that don’t understand that real life castration is a serious medical procedure.

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