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Sardax “Milking Time” plus caption

Finally got around to joining this image and caption together in one image. I continue to get mileage out of it. It’s not my caption, by the way. Found it on tumblr years ago. Great caption writer.



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When i was a young dude, i had worked as a milker in a cowshed some years. Onetime in the morning shift i was alone in shed under my last cow and had sticked my cock into one of the sucker-cups of the milking machine. Ouh, man, it was wonderfull and after some time my milk flowed with the other into the ring line. And after it i had problems to get my tool out of the sucker-cup…

When I was young I knew a guy that tried to put his hard cock into one of those stainless steel suction tubes that are used for milking and he told it hurt.

ouh no, the tubes we had, was made from rubber. and i hold my still soft cock infront of the opening of the tube and very quickly it was sucked by the machine into the tub, deep and completely! the rhythmic depression from the rubber-tube let him swell instandly and massaged him wonderfull, as like in a strong and hard way, a pussy it never could do.
However i had the fear after my cuming, that i would get out my tool from the tube. Imagine, my co-worker and boss would come in and had seen me crazy young dude with the cock in the machine and cuming, and crying perhaps, because he will be trapped with his silly thick tail!!! Because a thick tail could be difficult to free out from the machines tube, haha!! In this point your young friend could be right…
And so i have ripped and teared hard to get my tool free and after a half minute – i mean about – the pulling, fear and sham had made my tail shrunken enough, to get it out and free. And i was released double – from my fear and my sex-pressure. and my wife will be wonder, that her always sex-hungry young husband will be so calm this morning. And i never had talked her this story… do you mean, that i have to be a shamed about this silly doing and spending my milk into the the fresh cow-milk?? Or its so, that all young dudes are a little bit crazy….

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