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This is a contribution from a reader. He has a number of other photos of male and shemale eunuchs in his DeviantArt gallery. I don’t believe that he has taken any of these photos, that they were simply found online. Also, I prefer to see eunuchs with limp penises.

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with you on the limp penis thing. even better bif the situation would normally be provocative to an erection

First of all, it’s absolutely awesome to see a eunuch.
But of course I agree with you, an erection does not fit castrated men.
the penis must always hang limp.

I wish you would take mine away Jana, fact I bet deep down lots of men wish women like you would do it to them too.

exactly right, the penis must always hang limp, the man must no longer have any sexual desire.
but there should be a medicine that will allow him to have an erection temporarily.
But only if the woman wants it.

Best is to keep one’s eunuch on a low dose of T, just enough to keep him healthy and still want to please his woman. Only manipulation of his penis by her will get him hard enough to enter her long enough to pleasure her. No ejaculation, and no frustration, on the part of the eunuch because he will quickly get limp once more and lose any sexual urges, until his partner wants sex from him again.

If you will be over 60, you will have a limp penis too, mostly incvoluntary, haha. Also if you will not be castrated.
But im castrated too and use testo-gel for my life. This will help for a nice thick cock atleast, but not for the erection of earlier times. On the other site my empty floppy baggy is very amazing for me and i love it and my eunuch-state very much!!!

Thanks for sharing Hans. And I’m 68 and I still enjoy a fairly active sex life. Semen volume is low so that makes ejaculation less pleasurable.

Pretty much agree. Eunuchs should, however, be administered at least some Testosterone to keep him fit, motivated to serve and interested in sex. The eunuch above has some potency which he will no doubt rub, stimulate and masturbate probably to orgasm. I would! His owner should have the penis PA pierced and install a shaft type locking chastity tube that has a penis head cage. Perhaps permanently!!! This will prevent any rubbing or playing or stimulation. Whatever sexual interest he has can only be directed toward satisfying his Mistress while he is forced to remain frustrated, castrated and subservient. Some eunuch potency is good as long it is totally under Her control.

Oh, yes I have. Most of the photos imply a certain forcible castration scenario which is hot. However, what joy or sadistic satisfaction is there in standing over a eunuch who no longer feels the heat, lust or desire for sex? You want to mock his castrated state and have him feel his loss of virility, cockiness, frustration about wanting sex but not being able to. You want him to feel the full effect of being a castrated male unable to perform and now can only submit and serve. For him to have these feelings, he needs some T. Not a lot mine you. But some. Keeping his penis locked with some level of T keeps him frustrated, having desire and interested in serving and pleasing. It helps keep him fit too unless you really want a guy with boobs and excess fat. I would think most dominant women want a lean muscular eunuch who can still get partially hard. Keeping his eunuch cock locked provides 24/7 security, control, and endless frustration. I’m surprised none of photos or manips depict this.

The largest and most sensitive sex organ is the brain. Remove a man’s balls and you lose the brain to unless there is sufficient male hormone to maintain interest, desire,eagerness to submit and serve, and lust for his owner. He also needs some T to have sufficient energy to workout and keep himself a pleasing looking property as well as perform all chores and tasks assigned to him. But with some T he will also have some virility although diminished. A locked penis following castration prevents him from providing any sexual pleasure to himself. I’d like to see some images in this site promoting this. I’ll shut up now and give it a rest. Hope I didn’t offend anyone.

A eunuch in chastity would look silly. The presence of T in the bloodstream would be impossible to depict.
If you have some suggestions of how to present this, some creations of your own, then by all means please submit them for consideration.

Thanks for your reply. And, you are correct. A eunuch in a typical chastity device would look dumb—a traditional ball trap type device would fall off. I’m talking about a tube type which covers only the penis and is locked on with a PA piercing. I’ve seen this a couple of times in the EA. It is done.
The presence of T in the bloodstream cannot be shown—also correct. It can only be evidenced by the eunuchs ability to have an erection.
This is a fantasy which is actually based in reality since it is possible to do but surprising to me, very few actually do.
So far as depictions, it could be done very easily in drawings. In fact, there is one image on this site which does exactly that. A feminized eunuch is shown with a tube type device which he/she claims was forcibly imposed. Not into fems or shemales myself, but this kind of total penis control could be drawn by an artist depicting any type of eunuch wearing it. Many drawings on this site show beautiful young men with perfect bodies, chiseled physiques castrated and under the control of a dominant female. It’s a common theme. Unrealistic for sure since no man could possibly look like that after being nutted unless he was in full T therapy. It looks hot but it’s impossible yet image after image shows it. So, I’d like an artist to add a chastity tube. Would be a hot scene. A muscled guy with a locked penis, empty sac, collared, cuffed, and submitted.
Just say’n. Don’t mean to go on or bother you with senseless posts.

What about a penectomy, leaving the balls intact? That would be the ultimate in frustration i would think.

Hello, this is DKHayek – soon to be castrated on “No Nuts November” — I have been on HRT for gender dysphoria and I am in the process to get schedule for a bilateral orchiectomy – there are a couple of hoops to go through, but if all goes well, I should be nut-less in November. I want to take video and pictures of the procedure — if not just a before and after — will see?!

I don’t want to hear it. Take this over to the Eunuch Archive. This is a fantasy blog. I don’t advocate or condone anyone getting themselves surgically castrated. Many people become severely depressed and suicidal after having it done.

Of Course — my apologies.. maybe you could be so kind to remove any reference of mine on your website including: pics, links and comments and such. sincerely…

I yearn to have my testicles removed. My cocklet is so tiny anyway and my male testes just make it all look so unattractive. All I want is a tiny, permanently limp castrated sissy dick.

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