This is not a ‘discuss-my-castration’ needs site

This blog’s sole purpose is to use fantasy to sexually arouse those that have a masochistic castration fetish. Discussions of real-world eunuchism are not welcome. Please go to the forum of the Eunuch Archive, that site is largely run by real-world eunuchs, and hash shit over there.

5 replies on “This is not a ‘discuss-my-castration’ needs site”

Use this site all the time. One of my favorites is AAAA Castrarion Story. Great, long story with a mix of sex and castration

Eu amo esse blog, pois é nesse que muitas de minhas fantasias são exploradas e levadas ao extremo de tesão hehehe

I like How professional you are,the blog are aboult the fantasy, do this in real life can cause life Change effects forever

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