Two new reviews of my eBook

In the first one, the reviewer gave me five stars and his summary/title line is, “Nuts About This Subject”:

“Lots of good stories about castration. If this is your fetish, this collection should satisfy your appetite. If there’s a second volume, the author might include more family members watching. Sort of like a reunion, with nude males having gone through it, and females participating. And maybe a story about it happening at work, with female boss and coworkers watching. Overall, I found the stories to be varied enough to hold my interest.”

These two story ideas are OK but I can’t get motivated to do them.

The second reviewer gave me two stars and his summary/title is, “Disappointed”:

“Great title but that’s as far as it went. Lots and lots of build up then lots of ‘three dots’.”

It’s true, I don’t tend to dwell on the gross surgical mechanics of a castration. It’s the situation, the context that I find most erotic. I don’t really plan to change that in my writing.

One of the hottest castrations I’ve ever read is the long surgical castration scene at the climax of “Neutered by the Vet” by Martha Z. Kleine and available on Amazon. I still jerk off to it from time to time. But it’s the interaction between the participants that’s hot and not so much the actual cutting and suturing and snipping.


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