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Visualization of the testicle-shearing machine

This was going to be part of the “The Plantation” story but I dropped it. I don’t have any plans to revive it. Here is how I visualized it.

The machine is mounted in a heavy metal frame that stands three feet high and is bolted to the floor. It has a slit in the front for the testicles to be drawn through and a small seat for the victim bolted to it on the back. Shiny, razor-sharp blades are placed above and below the slit, a motor brings them together with great force. A shiny stainless-steel bowl on the floor in front of the machine is ready to catch the severed scrotum and testicles. A large red button on the front of the machine is used to activate it.

Ralph is strapped tightly into the seat on the back of the machine, his testicles dangling through the slit. He looks to his assistant, Letitia, for help. He sees her standing in front of him with the Amazons. He realizes with a shock that Letitia is totally buddy-buddy with and in cahoots with the Amazons. She smiles mischievously at him and steps forward to the machine. She says, “Sorry, boss”, and pushes the red button. He bellows in agony and vomits over himself and the machine and then passes out. One of the Amazons matter-of-factly brings over a hose and sprays water over Ralph and the machine, rinsing them off.

He wakes up later laying in bed in the small infirmary. Letitia is sitting next to the bed. She tells him that she is sure he will make a good field worker at the plantation, working out in the fields in the hot sun all day. She tells him she will explain to the editors back at the newspaper that the whole thing had turned out to be a hoax, there was no plantation just some raggedy dirt farmers with a couple chicken and a pig, and so he had decided to take an early retirement and move to Costa Rica.

Letitia climbs up into the jacked-up, big-wheel four-wheel-drive pickup and drives over the long, very-rough road through bayou country back to the big city.

A month later Letitia receives a package in the mail. She calls her girlfriends and invites them over for a pizza and beer party. She shows them what came in the package, a beautiful draw-string change-purse made of soft, pliable leather decorated with colorful patterns and shiny metal rings and beads. She passes it around for them to look at closely and one of her girlfriends says, “You know what this looks like? A guy’s nut sack!” They all laugh and kick back for a relaxing evening.

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