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“Arabella – Plant the Seed” by Aunt Cassie

Her name was Arabella, or Bella for short. Bella was a real hot babe, lithe and supple. All men wanted her and she loved it.

She had had many jobs, all people-oriented: human resources, beautician, health club worker, real estate agent. She loved variety and she loved meeting people and making friends and she always kept the friends she made. She had a huge social circle and went out to lots of fun social events. She continually surrounded herself with healthy, active, every-day people.

She met lots of hot guys and she loved flirting and playing sex games with them. She would regularly cocktease men until they developed obvious erections bulging in their pants.

She needed to be in control and to be the center of attention. She never liked penetration. Cockteasing and oral tribute was her preferred kinds of sex.

With a few select ‘pets’ she would go out on dates and cocktease them all night and then get them somewhere private and do a strip tease for them. Then she would have them give her oral tribute front and back. Then she would let them ask permission to jerk off for her. They would kneel at her feet while she remained seated. She loved to watch them relieve their pent-up frustration, urgently jerking their cocks. She loved it best when they had saved up their cum by abstaining before the date which caused them to helplessly spurt huge loads. They were always so sweet and embarrassed after having shown her their most private function.

Bella was married and her husband really brought home the bacon. He had some kind of super bean-counting job, a CPA or a CFO or some such, she was never much interested to find out. He knew she played around but he didn’t mind, he was actually flattered that so many men worshipped his hot wife.

Her husband was quiet and reserved. Bella was frustrated that he was such a social stick-in-the-mud. So one day while she was thinking about this she noticed a display in the cosmetics and hair-care section at the back of a drug store. The display was called “Plant the Seed”. It promoted the life-enhancing qualities of having your partner castrated. There were some brochures and a little pyramid of free specimen jars for preserving the male’s manhood which made her giggle.

Bella was intrigued and took the brochure and a jar home with her. She visited the website given on the brochure to learn more about it. There was a lot of material available on the website: videos, write-ups and testimonials. She prided herself on keeping up with the latest fashions and trends and she was surprised to learn that she had completely missed the new eunuch-partner trend. She learned how castration had started as a new sexual identity choice and then spread into more mainstream sexualities, especially in female-led relationships.

According to the “Plant the Seed” material, there were many benefits that come with castration that derived from males being freed of the inhibiting and stunting effects of male-gender conditioning.

Videos of eunuchs showed how relaxed and verbal and demonstrative they were. They were softer and calmer and more cuddly. New eunuchs also enjoyed a special status among women. They had a kind of glow that attracted women. Women instinctively knew they were totally safe, open and accessible. Women would talk to them and touch them and share with them as they would with another woman.

The “Plant the Seed” material suggested that women should discuss these advantages with their partner. This had been shown to be an effective way of encouraging the partner to accept and to begin to desire castration.

The company behind the “Plant the Seed” campaign offered comprehensive counseling and referral services for such prospective woman/eunuch relationships.

After having thought about it for a few days Bella decided that her husband would be an ideal candidate and that she was going to begin to ‘plant-the-seed’.

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