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Creamy Cum Plantation

Cruel amazon-type women operate a bizarre plantation deep in the Louisiana bayou country. There is a long private dirt road out to the plantation but it is virtually impassable most of the year. Helicopters are the main form of transport to and from the plantation. The plantation is part of a large network of plantations located in remote and inaccessible areas worldwide.

The amazons are all at least six feet tall. Most of them are brunettes but there are a few blondes and redheads as well. They all have full figures: big busts, narrow waists, wide hips and generous buttocks. They all wear tight khaki military-type fatigues with lots of cleavage showing. Their faces are hard and mannish.

The purpose of the plantation is the production of sissy-boy semen. The semen is sold to be used in a wide variety of ways.

Helpless sissy-boys are held captive in cages. The cages completely fill a large, three-story corrugated-metal building. The cage-filled building is only one of a large group of corrugated-metal buildings on the plantation.

The sissy-boys are kept naked and wear tight chastity devices on their privates to prevent them from wasting their precious semen. They are milked of their seminal essence on a weekly basis. The sissy-boys are well taken care of. They are fed healthy food and are given plenty of opportunity for exercise.

The sissy-boys are recruited from the S&M scenes in large cities in the region. There is no problem finding enough volunteers, in fact there is a substantial waiting list. Of course, the volunteers are kept in the dark as to exactly what they are getting themselves into.

They are fed a special medicated gruel as part of their diet that makes their testicles grow to twice their normal size and makes them yield a much higher volume of semen/sperm. Unfortunately, a side-effect of the medication is that it shortens the productive life of the testicles. Once the productive output of a sissy-boy’s testicles has been exhausted he is relieved of his semen producing duties and reallocated to field work. As part of this reallocation the sissy-boy is taken to be processed by the testicle-shearing machine.

Snoopy detectives and reporters that visit the plantation are dealt with by being taken to the VIP milking parlor where they are tricked into letting themselves be milked. After they have experienced the most powerful orgasm of their life and they are floating in a blissful daze they are injected without warning with muscle-relaxant and taken to the testicle-shearing room. Then they are assigned to field work all day out in the hot sun, and are never seen again by the outside world.

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