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ATTIS castratrix manips & captions

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This is an absolutely awesome site. Although never really wanting to have my dick and balls amputated, the fantasy excites me so very much. Thank you for sharing these photos and comments.

Hi I would really like to talk to a beautiful mistress who enjoys the control, teasing and as a final show of respect the ultimate sacrifice.

no, just tired of what the balls do to me,I purchased a bander, just need to know who has the dominance to use it

Sorry, ddent mean to disrespect your site, but life maybe safer, better without a ton of testorone, and do it for a very singnificant other

I have an extreme micropenis, 0cm flaccid and even not 2cm hard. Ther is absolutely no chance for me to have sexual intercourse. My girlfriend (I serve her as cuckold and slave) now wants me to be castrated and my micropenis should be cut off, because she says – and she is 100% right – both of them are absolutely useless. I agree with here, because it’s quite hard always to dream if sex and never be able to have it! Castration would set me free!

Just google “Skotnik Mikropenis”! You can see me and my supersmall member!

Well its all a lot of bullshit, the fun part is the foreplay, and the dedication, devotion of the fantasy to surrender your manhood to your beautiful gal, making sure she knows you will never stray to another

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