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ATTIS castratrix manips & captions

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Katherine Isabelle, in the horror movie “American Mary”. I used the Google reverse image search to find this info. Try it next time.

Are there real women who want a castrated man by their side with all the consequences of castration such as impotence, small penises and feminization?

Yes. The guy that did NeuteringCaps told me he met a woman on FetLife that does. But it’s chemical castration. He says she hands him his castration meds every day and she likes the results. He is also a fairly senior person, possibly 60. There isn’t that much sex drive to quell at that age. But I still have the feeling that this relationship is very rare.

Non…ou alors pour exécuter les tâches ménagères. Et elles vont se faire sauter par leur amant.

I have the same impression. Therefore, most women prefer a man with broad shoulders, a large penis, sexual stamina, and large balls. 😉

Eu particularmente tenho o maior tesão em castração bato minhas punhetas imaginando sendo castrado hehehe

Let me say, firstly, that capioned pics are not my cup of tea. In my good vibe ranking list, they are in the lowest place. I do love stories, pics, videos, even cartoons when the are hi quality. I personally think that is very very difficult to produce intriguing, sexy, attracting capioned pics. I feel it’s a weird cocktail with images and text that sound immediately fake. But this is is just my opinion and I am anyway grateful to all the artists who work about the “big C” fetish,to which am deeply addicted.

I’m not real wild about this batch of captions myself. I won’t be posting any more from this contributor. He claims to have 42 THOUSAND of them.

Let me disagree with you. In my opinion, these photos are quite interesting and worthy of further publication. if you are absolutely sure not to publish, tell me how to find the author. Thanks a lot!

Я уже отправил вам электронное письмо об этом.
I have already sent you an email about this.

My favorite scenario : Stepmother castrates son-in-law’s useless and small testies , while daughter and her hunky lover giggle over the procedure.

This is not an uncommon scenario. My former mother-in-law once said to me, “I’ll castrate you.” But her motive was for her only daughter to return home. Incidentally, I have also made manips on that theme.

Un cocu qui se fait couper les testicules, ça me paraît normal. Plus d’envie, plus de pulsions..quoi de mieux pour oublier

Madame ….. First Thank You for publishing all this foundings, this blog is wonderful ….. For me it all started in my teens, so already kind of used to masturbation, then a man abused me in the woods ( rela life happening but he was gentle enough to make me cum and that set some wheels in motion ) ….. He had me wearing a backbuttoned eighties victorian frilly ruffle puffy lace dress and even blackmailed me with picks …… So becoming a young man this was in my back thoughts, being “raped” by men in such a beautiful womans attire, but on my conditions ….. And so i decented deeper into perverted happenings ….. Then chastity caging appeared upfront and being caged for 24/7/365 got me worst in fantastic thoughts …… And castration was one of them …… Omg i would truly love to have cut those useless eggs as im such a pervert and hopefully never been able to become a parental part , my perversions would destroy the family as well the innocent kids being …… So yes for me as a sissy, castration ahould be done to serve the society safety, kind of …… Hope to explain this all in correct mannerism ….. Curtsey franziska ……. [ email deleted ]

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