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Castration nurses

Women can be so cruel.

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Concordo, todas as mulheres devriam saber estas técnicas, deveriam ser ensinadas nas escolas, eu amaria ter uma destas e depois ela me fazendo uma emasculação !! ♥ ♥

I have been castrated, it was my wife’s idea, one day she was fondling my balls when she said to me that if I truly loved her I would let her have them! The idea quite turned me on and I thought as I didn’t need them to father children any more why not get rid of them, so after a few days mulling over the idea I decided to go ahead with it. We booked into a private clinic and arranged it so my Wife could watch the operation, I was given a light sedative, undressed and put on a theatre gown then led into the operating theatre and lay down on the table with my legs apart, they gave me two injections on either side of my scrotum which numbed any pain then started cutting it open on each side they then slid each testicle out, I could feel no pain but could feel tugging and pulling as they moved my balls around they then pulled the cord attaching it to me out and clamped it twice with forceps when they then told my Wife to take a small pair of scissor like objects and instructed her to cut the cord which she did! She was so excited! when she had cut them both she held them up and showed them to me, laughing and giggling as she did so, they were then put in a kidney dish and taken to have the blood and other fluids washed out of them while I was being stitched back up. They put my testicles in a jar of preserving liquid and gave them to my Wife. She keeps them at home and shows them to her friends. It took a week or so for my stitches to heal and it just left a smooth scar in place of where my scrotum used to be.

That is your choice, we have been leading a cuckold lifestyle for many years, she is in charge of me and I obey her wishes. She has plans now for my penis to be removed as it is now useless and is just shrinking away. I get my satisfaction from watching her with her lovers and obeying her commands.

That is your choice, there is quite a back story to it and it had actually been discussed for a period of time previous to her asking/telling me to have it done. We have,and still do,lead a cuckold way of life where I play a very submissive role, we both love her getting fucked by who ever she chooses, I generally watch and am NOT allowed to take part until her lover has finished when I will then follow her orders, we have both taken part in gangbangs,orgies, bukkake and lived out our sexual fantasies, mine now being very much her “slave” who is no longer allowed to fuck her,I have “run out” of sexual pleasure and do not want any more other than to please her, the decision to be castrated was the best I have made, although it did cost $7000 and a trip to the U.S.A. to have it done, my penis is now worthless to her, if I want to I can take hormone replacement to regain its use sexually but I don’t want to, I am enjoying not constantly looking for sexual gratification, I feel calmer,more relaxed,easier going and enjoy being who I am. She is very happy with how things have turned out too.We are discussing my penis now as we are thinking of removing that too, we have been looking at various options and seeing just a smooth empty, sex free groin with just a pee hole for me is very appealing, although this may wait a while as the operation is very much more expensive. We will see what happens…

Thanks, I am very lucky, ironically the only thing we have to decide on is what to do with my penis when it is removed, she has my balls in a jar which do actually look quite interesting and certainly stimulates discussion with her friends, one of whom has persuaded her husband to be castrated too, whether they go through with it remains to be seen, however I don’t really want my pickled penis sitting in a jar and have heard of people who have actually cooked and eaten theirs! we just can’t decide…any ideas?

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