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“The Neuter Program – The Briefing” by Aunt Cassie

Joe Jones, a quiet, pudgy, late-middle-age man goes to have a small cyst surgically removed by a woman surgeon, Doctor X.

Two weeks later he receives a hand-addressed envelope containing a mysterious invitation to visit Doctor X at her home in order to “discuss a private matter that might interest him”.

She lives in a Victorian style home in a nice neighborhood. She is an attractive brunette with a full figure. She greets him warmly and they sit down together in her living room. He listens as she explains her proposal for his participation in a special program.

“You fit our profile, Joe. So we were well-prepared for you when you arrived for your appointment. We deliberately subjected you to a suite of subtle cues and stimuli and as we expected your responses showed you to be a perfect candidate for our Program.

You obviously have very strong submissive and masochistic tendencies with respect to women. Our research has shown that males like yourself have a deep-seated need to be humiliated and emasculated by women. Furthermore, this need is, unfortunately, often so repressed that it is completely overlooked and undetected. Our greatest discovery has been that the degree of need for emasculation in this context turns out to be very great indeed.”

As she says this he notices the trace of a wolfish grin at the corners of her mouth and a strange glint in her eye that gives him shivers.

She continues, “This need is actually a completely natural and healthy one but because of the values our society is structured on this need is considered wrong and unacceptable. And this is what leads to it’s unjust suppression.

It is the goal of our Program to uncover and gently nurture this need until it reaches its full potential for expression and assumes its rightful place at the center of the male subject’s life, just as standard heterosexual feelings form the central position in the lives of mainstream society.

And the inverse counterpart of this need is also naturally present in many women. An integral part of our program is to bring pairs of males and women together and match them up for their mutual interaction and self expression in this regard.”

She becomes more intimate and leans forward to quietly say, “Joe, you’re leading a lonely, degraded life, spilling your seed to femdom porn. You could be realizing your true potential.” She smiles knowingly as she watches him squirm in his seat because of the penile erection trapped in his tight pants.

At the end of the interview she gives him a small booklet to read as well as a DVD to view in the privacy of his home.

The Booklet

The booklet outlines the Program. It is a private and confidential program. There are hopes that once it has become successful enough that it can be taken public.

There is no cost to the subjects. Subjects can leave the program at any time but if they do they are barred from reentering it.

The DVD starts with a run-through of the various stages of the Program and ends with a number of testimonials given by past participants.

Stage one – screening: Agents of the program have been placed in various medical facilities and instructed to look out for male candidates fitting the profile. Candidates are contacted and interviewed and invited to participate.

The process for selecting women candidates is different. They are women with pronounced dominant needs and behaviors.

Stage two – pairing: Woman subjects are given a choice of males to select as a partner. Males accept without question whichever woman selects them.

Body size differences follow those for standard romantic pairings with the woman being smaller than the male.

Stage three – bonding: The candidate pairs meet with each other for ‘sexual development sessions’ two or three times a week.

They are encouraged to explore their respective psychological and sexual roles during uninhibited sex play. These sessions are expected to include neutering-related verbal and non-verbal activities.

This stage also includes the training of the woman in basic surgical procedures in order for her to take as active a part in the neutering event as possible.

Candidate pairs are carefully tested to make sure they are fully ready for the next stage before proceeding. In particular, the male must demonstrate a significant eagerness and craving to undergo his neutering.

Stage four – neutering: The climactic procedure is carried out by a small team of trained professional women in a clinical setting. The male subject’s partner is present and participates. Role playing taken from the sexual development sessions is repeated but with real action taking the place of pretending. The procedure is videoed from multiple angles. The resulting video is primarily for the Program’s use but copies are given to the women subjects upon request.

Stage five – follow on: Many women choose to follow-on with a continuation of the relationship with the neutered partner, commonly using the eunuch as a domestic servant. “I love how sweet and obedient they are after they’ve been fixed!” is a typical comment.

But quite a few women feel that the neutering event effectively cancels the bond with the male and instead express a desire to re-enter the program with a new partner. Both are considered acceptable and appropriate outcomes.

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