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Dan Arnitz story, part 2

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Jonathan and Jackie sat side by side next to the table with a good view of everything. Jackie had her hand on Jonathan’s lap, slowly masturbating him, and Jonathan had his hand on Jackie’s lap gently fingering her smooth wet pussy.

Maggie took her scalpel and held it up to the right side of Tim’s numbed scrotum, she increased the pressure and slid the blade down the soft skin. Lifting the blade she made another pass, and another, each time cutting deeper, through layer after layer of Tim’s scrotal skin. After the final pass, she could see her prize! A large, smooth, grayish-pink orb! She smiled and began cutting on the other side of Tim’s scrotum to free it’s twin. Once Maggie had cut through all the layers of scrotal membrane on the left side, she put down her scalpel and wrapped her hand tightly around the base of the scrotum.

She looked over at Jonathan and Jackie who were thoroughly enjoying pleasuring to the sight.

“You kids might want to pay closer attention now! This is the FUN part!” Maggie exclaimed, she then slowly but firmly pulled outward, pushing Tim’s balls from sitting comfortably in his sac, to creeping toward her incisions, they clawed for freedom from Tim’s sac as Maggie increased the pressure, till all at once, both of Tim’s massive testicles popped out of his scrotum! And hung free by their cords against Maggie’s clenched fist, now only holding onto an vacant sac.

Jackie and Jonathan’s jaws dropped at the sight! Jonathan had only seen this kind of thing in porn, and Jackie had never seen anything like this in all her life! A human’s testicles, hanging outside his scrotum! After several seconds, Jonathan smiled with rare and special kind of happiness you only get a couple times in life. While Jackie remained completely stunned and transfixed on Tim’s testicles as Maggie playfully tugged on them and jiggled them around, much to Tim’s and her own amusement.

After what seemed like an eternity, Jackie slowly stood up and stepped closer to the table, marveling at what she was seeing but still working on believing. “C-c-can I touch one?” She said shakily.

“Absolutely!” Maggie answered, stepping aside and letting Jackie stand between the stirrups. Jackie stepped still closer and gingerly stretched out her hand, she touched Tim’s left testicle, as it hung by its cords. She softly poked it, then traced her finger along the dark veins across its surface, feeling the slipperiness of it. She picked it up in her palm, holding her breath in awe and bewilderment, she felt it’s weight, it’s shape, the slight faint pulse of life still in it. She let it hang again and pulled downwards on it for a second, “Can you feel that?” She asked Tim.

“I sure can” he replied with a laugh.

“Does it hurt?”

“Not at all!” Tim replied in a reassuring voice.

“That’s so interesting!” Jackie breathed. She scooped them both up in the palm of her hand. “So all the sperm he’s ever made and ever will make has been in here? And in a few short seconds you’re going to cut them off?” Jackie said in utter amazement.

“That’s right sweetheart!” Maggie answered with a sparkle.

“That’s incredible!” Jackie exclaimed.

“I think so too! That’s why I do this! It always gives me such a rush, being able to take a guy’s testicles out and clip him!” Maggie responded in ecstasy.

“Wow! How many times have you done this??” Jackie couldn’t contain her excitement anymore!

“Oh I’m probably closing in on triple digits now! Every time is exciting beyond belief though! I’ve had all kinds of guys too, your middle class average Joe, wealthy CEOs, married men, dad’s, fathers and son’s with they’re wife’s and girlfriend’s present! I’ve even had a kid who was waiting so long, finally come in first thing in the morning on his 18th birthday to get neutered as a present to himself!” Maggie answered. “You should see my collection! I’ll show you sometime!”

Jackie was stunned again at how hot and erotic this all was! There was a small puddle forming at her feet and the insides of her legs were glistening, soaked by her juices.

“Would you like to give it a shot?” Maggie sprung the question on Jackie.

“W-what? What??” “ME?? NOW??” Jackie replied in shock.

“Well judging by the fact that you’re absolutely gushing, I think it’d be safe to assume that you find this all pretty appealing young lady!” Maggie laughed.

Jackie blushed. “yes.” She said is a whisper barely audible.

“What’s that?” Maggie asked, egging her on.

“Yes I would love to” Jackie said softly.

“Excellent!” Maggie exclaimed with pure joy! She showed Jackie closely as she tied off Tim’s cords, high and close to the body. She tied off both sides and then instructed Jackie how to hold the testicle itself and pull light tension on it to stretch the cord taught. She told her how to position the surgical scissors underneath the suture site, and she was ready. Maggie handed Jackie the scissors and stepped back to watch.

Jonathan stepped up behind Jackie, and with one hand he reached around to her front, poised to finger her drenched clit, and with the other he wrapped his arm around her chest and gently squeezed her breasts.

Jackie stood shaking in nervous pleasure as she pulled Tim’s left testicle tight, and placed the scissors over his cord. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, taking in everything her senses could gather, the faint smell of iron in the air, the feeling of Jonathan behind her, stimulating her clit and nipples, her paradoxically trembling yet steady hands. She opened her eyes and closed the scissors. Tim’s left testicle came free in her hand, she couldn’t believe it!

She turned her head around to face Maggie and Jonathan, holding up the fleshy orb with a beaming smile on her face! She looked down and examined it closely, holding it with her fingers and rubbing it with her thumb smiling at what she just accomplished. She laid the severed testicle on Tim’s left thigh. She picked up his right one and pulled it tight too, as she positioned the scissors again, Jonathan continued pleasuring Jackie more, preparing to bring her to climax when she finished her task. Jackie could barely stay standing as she closed the scissors for a second time, pounding waves of ecstacy crashed through her body as she experienced the most powerful orgasm of her life. As Tim’s final testicle came free in her hand she half-collapsed onto her arms as she quivered with pure delight. “I just castrated someone and I LOVED IT!!” She cried!


Still reeling and collecting herself from the earth shattering experience she just had, Jackie looked down at her hand, still holding Tim’s right testicle, as Maggie stepped in and began sewing up Tim’s now perfectly deflated scrotum.

Jackie looked at him and asked” do you mind if I try something with this?”

“Of course not! They’re yours now after all!” Tim exclaimed.

“It’s true! Unless they really want them, they client usually gives their testicles to the one who neutered them! You can start your own collection now!” Maggie interjected.

“Aww! Thank you! I’ll treasure them always!” Jackie responded in the sweetest tone. “I really want to try something though!” She said as she looked at it. She lowered it down to her groin, and began rubbing her clit with its round, smooth surfaces she continued to press harder and harder as she masturbated with it, she slid it up and down the length of her vagina, until she slid it low and pressed harder. Her head rolled back and her eyes closed as her lips gave way, and Tim’s massive right testicle slipped inside her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooodddd” she moaned as the large orb situated itself inside her vagina, the long cord hanging loose between her legs.

“Well I never thought to do that before darling” Maggie chuckled, “how’s it feel?”

“Sooooooo goooooood” Jackie moaned in reply. She stood up and walked around, feeling the testicle shifting around inside her as her hips swayed. “Mmmmmmmm” Jackie hummed. “This is amazing, everything just feels so comfortably tight and good!” She bent over slightly, cupping her hand over her vagina but spreading her fingers slightly, with her other hand she gently pulled on the exposed cord, pulling it out slightly, then letting it get sucked back in. She giggled at the sensations. “This seriously feels soo good, I think I’m going to keep it in there for the rest of the day!” She laughed in playful discovery. “I can’t believe this morning I was waiting tables, and now I’ve castrated someone and I’m exploring my kinky side!”

“Isn’t this fun?? See? Kinky sexy doesn’t always have to be brutal and scary!” Jonathan chimed in with a laugh.

She lifted her head to meet Jonathan’s and smiled. “I like that, I like that a lot.” She replied.

“Would you be willing to explore this crazy, fun new side of yourself with me?” Jonathan asked with love.

“Aww! I’d love that! You’ll have to show me everything! … maybe we could even…” Jackie very obviously, looks over at Tim’s emptied scrotum and the lone testicle on his thigh, then looks back at Jonathan’s own crotch, then back up to his face and raises and eyebrow in suggestion.

Jonathan smiles in response and picks up Jackie in a hug. “I would love that SO much!” Jonathan answered. Giving her an extra squeeze, which happened to make the testicle pop out of her!

“I thought you loved me! You made me lay my egg!” Jackie mock scolded, to the laughter of everyone.

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Wow. That was an awesome story. I loved it. Especially the setup of four people participating in the castration itself is pretty hot.

And I enjoy how Jackie became a castratix on that single day.

Actually this story inspired me and I’m hacking on a story myself.

That is so arousing, I love the way Johnathan pleasures Jackie while she does it and then agrees for her to do it to him.

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