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Dan Arnitz story contribution

Jonathan had been scouring the internet for months, doing research, looking for answers, watching videos and even talking with people. Ever since that first exposure he’d been hooked and enthralled. Castration. That’s what Jonathan had been spending his time obsessed with, ever since he’d stumbled on that detailed video of a man having his testicles cut out and clipped off, nothing was hotter or more captivating.

By now he had seen many men losing their balls, coming off by various means, each time exciting and wonderful! But this opportunity was different, Jonathan had been chatting back and forth with another interested party, Tim, who happen to be local! This man was going to be getting neutered this weekend, and because Jonathan had expressed such interest, Tim offered to let him tag along and watch the momentous occasion. Jonathan was ecstatic! This wasn’t real, he was about to actually witness a real castration before his very eyes!

He couldn’t stop shaking with nervous excitement as the week seemed to fly by, till finally, Saturday morning came around. Both men agreed to meet for a late breakfast at the town diner before the main event. While they were complete strangers until that point, that spoke as if they had know each other forever, sharing thoughts about different stories and videos they’ve seen, different scenarios they’ve each dreamt up and bounced ideas off each other.

They spoke extremely openly about these things even though the diner was fairly full. Their waitress was an attractive young woman named Jackie, she had a sweet face and light brown hair, as she waited on them throughout their meal, she picked up pieces of their conversation but couldn’t exactly put together what they were talking about. As she brought them their check after they’d finished, she asked “Pardon my eavesdropping, but you gentlemen have had a fairly intriguing conversation from what I could gather” she said with a slight chuckle, “just what IS it you’re talking about?”

Jonathan and Tim pause and burst into a chuckle of their own. Tim responds with a “Well I actually won’t be a ‘gentleman’ for very much longer miss” to which Jonathan laughs a little more.

“Oh? What do you mean by that?” Jackie replied with a slight confused expression.

Jonathan responded, “We’re both actually really into castration! Tim here is actually getting neutered later today right after we leave here, and has been so kind as to let me watch!”

“Oh my!” Said the waitress “Are you serious?? That’s so odd! I’ve never heard of a PERSON getting neutered before.”

Jonathan popped back in with “Its actually incredibly fascinating and can be really hot!”

Tim joking added “Would YOU like to watch too?” To which both guys laughed.

Jackie stood with a bewildered look on her face pondering and processing what she’d just heard. After a few seconds, she looked at them again and said “You’d let me? I’ve been here since 5am and I get off in 10 minutes”.

Both men looked at each other, then back to her. “Seriously?” They both asked.

She nodded yes with a small sweet smile. And they all agreed. Jonathan and Tim waited out by the car for Jackie to finished her shift, as the three of them all rode to the place where Tim would lose his manhood, they brought her up to speed on all things relating to castration.

When they reached their destination and got out of the car Jackie said “Wow this is all incredible! I don’t think I’ve ever been so turned on in my life! Look I’m completely soaked!” She was still wearing her waitress outfit and she lifted the front of her skirt to reveal a pair of light cream and white checkered panties, that had a distinct wet spot covering her entire crotch Jonathan stared at her, entranced by the angel before him, “Would you like to feel? Go ahead” Jackie said.

Jonathan moved slowly toward her in tenderness and reached out his hand to touch her, he gently placed his upturned hand on her and cupped her vagina, feeling her slippery wetness through her smooth panties, he put slightly more pressure with his middle finger as he drew his hand up, tracing the opening of her vagina, Jackie’s head fell back as she breathed in through closed teeth “ohhhhh” she exhaled as Jonathan gently slipped his fingers inside her underwear and continued to stimulate Jackie’s beautiful body.

Meanwhile Tim had been standing at the door to the vet clinic, watching the two loving the experience, the female veterinarian who had agreed to castrate him and had set up this whole day, had come out to meet him, they both just stood and watched Jackie and Jonathan as they were totally oblivious and lost in each other.

Maggie the vet stood next to Tim a mumbled “quite the show huh?” Into his ear and they both chuckled. She reached into Tim’s pants and began stroking the hardon he was getting. “Pull down your pants” she whispered into his ear.

Tim pulled his pants and boxers down around his ankles as Maggie continued to stroking his now free and massive penis. With the other hand she reached from behind, between his legs and started fondling and squeezing Tim’s large balls, “are you ready sweetie? She asked.

“So ready” Tim replied.

“Hey you kids!” Maggie exclaimed, snapping Jackie and Jonathan out of their blissful daze. “Are y’all good with just diddlin’ each other in the parking lot? Or do you want to see the real show??”

Both blushed with embarrassment and with shaking legs, followed Tim and Maggie into the empty clinic. They all entered an operating room with the table already prepared for Tim.

Maggie nodded towards the table and looked at Tim “now’s your big moment, sweetheart. He climbed up on the operating table and removed his shirt. Maggie positioned his legs into some stirrups and made sure she had all the access she needed to his large testicles. Maggie turned her head to Jackie and Jonathan behind her, “got a good view of everything kiddos?”

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Sorry guys! The last part of it got cut off when I tried to post it, here’s the rest of the story, I hope you enjoy!

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GREAT story!

Hopefully this storyline will continue. It has lots of potential. Or maybe another story by Dan?

Hits many of my buttons.

I am a straight guy. Any time women pay attention to male anatomy, especially the balls, is very arousing. In stories like this, I love it when women are participating and actually doing the procedure. When they get intrigued in castration and end up turned-on by it. Something uncommon in reality.

I’m most aroused by consensual like this, or semi-consensual themes.

Lots of build-up before the act is performed, is nice.

Prefer stories with a minimum of violence and gore.

Many stories are quickly paced and have lots of blood. Unfortunately, those don’t appeal to me.

Thanks again for posting this one!

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