“Concurrent website limit exceeded”

I’ve been receiving emails from my website host, Vice Temple, every day for a week with this message. Usually the number of connections that have been refused is low but sometimes it’s as many as 100-200. These reports each cover 12-hour periods. I’ve received a few of these in the past but very sporadically.

My current limit is 20 and I’m considering upgrading my service to 40 concurrent connections. But since this is a strictly free, hobbyist blog I’m not sure it’s worth it. If someone can’t connect then they can just try again later.

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I’ve never had an issue connecting, but maybe I’m not browsing at peak times. Considering your typical post view counts, 20 concurrent connections seems like it should be plenty. Do you have traffic stats you can compare against?

There’s something like that on cPanel but I haven’t pursued it yet. But I should do.
The page-view counter doesn’t really show that much greater page-views per day than usual.

Sounds like the site traffic is up. Usually that is a good thing. But you are right, you shouldn’t pay money for a hobby site.

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