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“Doc Granger – In Pursuit of Sly Plums” – part 3, by Aunt Cassie

[Note: Doc Granger is a character created by Eunuch Archive author, Kortpeel. And my original version of this story is called, “Doc Granger & Madame Zenobia”.]

Summary: Doc Granger, West Bollocksfordshire’s most dominant vet, etc., loses sight of her favorite playmate, Sly Plums, for a year and when they meet again they have a very moving reunion.


Doc Granger loses sight of Sly Plums. After 6 months of not seeing him on the streets of Tosspot-upon-Ratbag, or anywhere around West Bollocksfordshire, she becomes curious. She toys with the idea of making inquiries but then thinks better of it. “Out of sight, out of mind”, she says to herself, and “best to let sleeping dogs lie.”

She completely forgets about him when, one day, a full year after his mysterious disappearance, she bumps into him in the checkout queue at the Boots on the high street in Tosspot-upon-Ratbag.

He seems more mellow, more down-to-earth, more approachable.

She invites him to her house. He accepts.

Once at her house, and they are making out on her couch, he submissively offers to give her pleasure. He pulls down her pants and gets down between her legs and licks her pussy, something he has never done before. He’s a pretty good pussy licker and she has some good, strong orgasms.

She then gets up and dims the lights and helps him get undressed and then leads him to the door to her playroom. This time he doesn’t resist when she goes to strap him into her stocks. Her head is almost exploding with excitement. She has finally got him firmly within her clutches! No escape this time!

She goes around behind him to gloat on his plump, full scrotum, ripe for harvesting, only to stand in shocked amazement to see that it’s completely gone!

Doc Granger splutters and stammeringly asks Sly just what the hell has happened to his balls!?

He tells her that a year ago he got bored with country life. He decided to try living in London. Once there he started experimenting with the B&D/S&M club scene. That’s when he met Madame Zenobia. The first night he met her she gave him her card, and it read, “Madame Zenobia – Castratrix par excellence”. He didn’t know what ‘castratrix’ meant, but he thought it sounded kinky. He went home with her and, although he normally hated bondage, he allowed her to strap him into her bondage stocks. He told her he wasn’t into pain and she just laughed and said, “don’t worry, honey, you won’t feel a thing, I promise you.” She then proceeded to casually shave his scrotum.

Then, when Madame Zenobia gave him an anesthetic shot near his freshly shaved scrotum he began to get worried. He tried to keep his cool, but his voice was shaky when he asked, “what, what are you doing down there?”

Madame Zenobia just purred, “hmmm, I’m just getting ready to really show you how a castratrix like me likes to enjoy herself. Now you just lay back and relax and let Madame Zenobia take care of everything.”

He heard the soft clinking of metal on metal behind him and then he felt her doing something to his scrotum. “What, what are you doing to my, to my scrotum, Madame Zenobia???”

“Now don’t worry, there, baby, Madame Zenobia just needs to make a couple small incisions in your cute, wrinkly little sac here,” she replied, “don’t worry, you won’t feel a thing and there won’t be hardly any scars afterwards.”

“But, but, Madame Zenobia, why, why do you have to make incisions in my scrotum???” he whimpered.

Madame Zenobia, calmly continuing on with her work, just gave a throaty laugh, and said, “why I have to make some small incisions in your sac so that I can get access to your testicles, of course. Ooops, here comes the left one,” she giggled, “I just popped your left one out and now I’m holding it in my hand.”

When Sly heard this he started to panic. “I, I, I don’t think I like this kind of play after all, Madame Zenobia,” he whimpered, “please, please, could you just put my ball back and then let me get up, let me go free, please?”

Madame Zenobia said, “now don’t worry, there, don’t get panicky, I’ll let you up in a minute, just be patient, I’m not quite done yet, I’m not done playing down here, not done having my fun. Soon, soon, just hold on.”

Then he heard some snips and a soft “plunk” sound as something small, soft and wet was dropped onto stainless steel. “Hmmm,” she purred, “that’s one done now. We’re halfway done.”

“Oh, oh, oh, please,” pleaded Sly, “what are you doing to me, oh, oh, please, please stop it and let me go, please. We can come back and do this again some other time, I promise, but just let me go this one time, Ok???”

“Hmmm, what’s the matter Sly,” she said mockingly, “are you worried about something?”

“Well yes,” he replied, “to be, to be perfectly honest, I’m, I’m a little frightened that, that, that you’re getting ready to, to….”

Meanwhile, back in West Bollocksfordshire, Doc Granger had sat down in a chair next to the stocks, put her feet up on a footstool and lit a small cigar whilst she was listening to Sly’s somewhat enthralling story.

“It’s Ok, it’s Ok,” Doc Granger says soothingly to Sly, “it’s not your fault. You couldn’t have known.” She then gets up and unstraps him and helps him get dressed and then drives him back to his dingy third-floor walk-up bedsit back in dull, dreary old Tosspot-upon-Ratbag. On her way back home, sitting alone in her car, she turns on the radio. She watches silently as the meadows, fields, pastures and woods of West Bollocksfordshire glide past and listens to the radio play an old Kinks sing, “she knew no sin and did no wrong until she walked the streets of the Big Black Smoke.”

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