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“Doc Granger – In Pursuit of Sly Plums” – part 1, by Aunt Cassie

[Note: Doc Granger is a character created by Eunuch Archive author, Kortpeel. And my original version of this story is called, “Doc Granger Daydreams”.]

Summary: Doc Granger is West Bollocksfordshire’s most dominant and preeminent vet (not to mention, most accomplished castratrix) gives full rein to her obsession for “the one that got away.”


Doc Granger allows herself to daydream about “the one that got away”, Sylvester “Sly” Plums. She recalls that he was different right from the start.

She recalls meeting him, taking him into a small out-of-the-way room for one of her patented, stage-managed and humiliating jerk-off sessions. He went along with her readily enough but when it came time for him to cum he unexpectedly rose up from his seat and sprayed his jizz all over her face causing her to splutter and curse and grab for a rag to clean off with while he chuckled in merriment. He handed her a rag and she quickly wiped her face, and then she realized that it was a dirty rag and she had just smeared thick brown grease all over her face. Sly apologized profusely and tried hard not to crack up.

She remembered the first time she lured him to her house. She had been surprised at how easy it was, he had needed zero coaxing. She had hardly gotten the words of her offer out of her mouth when she watched as he quickly dove into her car and got comfortable for the ride. Once back at her estate, she had wined and dined him and turned on her usual irresistible personal and sexual charm and he had fallen further and further under her spell, just as she had hoped.

But when it finally came time for her to lead him into her playroom where the stocks were he balked. He said he had to leave early, although he wouldn’t say why. She countered that her car was being serviced and that she wouldn’t be able to offer him a lift and as her manor was miles from the next neighbor he was effectively stranded. He responded that he loved to walk and that it looked like a nice night for one. She countered that she had already had her Rottweiler guard dogs released for the night and she couldn’t vouch for their behavior if her tried to walk through their territory. He said that that was Ok, he loved dogs and dogs loved him and with that he thanked her for a wonderful evening, picked up his jacket, turned on his heel and left.

Cursing, she watched him shut the door behind him and disappear from her sight. She was almost tempted to call her eunuch butler, Jeeves, and order him to get his pistol and to go out and intercept him and force him to return and do her bidding at gun point. But after a moment’s reflection she was able to regain mastery of her feelings and thought better of it.

She tried again on two other occasions. During the last visit she had, in desperation, decided to totally humiliate and debase herself by getting down on her knees and sucking Sly off, even going so far as to swallow his cum, all in an effort to lull him into a false sense of security. After this, she smiled prettily and choked back the nausea that the taste of semen was causing her. She took his hand and began leading him to the gelding stocks and he followed meekly along. She almost had one of his wrists securely strapped in place, when he unexpectedly squirmed away and made some excuse and quickly left. This sent her into a towering rage. She ranted and raved and smashed precious objects d’art, throwing some of them at her eunuch staff as they cowered behind doors and draperies. Finally, with one last bellow of frustration, she dashed up to her bedroom, hot tears of anger streaming down her face, and slammed the door behind her. She flung herself onto her huge four-poster bed and beat her fists into the counterpane until she collapsed into semi-conscious exhaustion.

But that was all in the past. Now, she had him firmly strapped down and was outwardly and openly gloating on her triumph, something she normally didn’t do. In order to better savor the moment she took twice as long as usual to shave his scrotum, and even spent a few minutes playing with it and caressing it after she had shaved it clean.

She gave him a shot of anesthetic and a few minutes later she was getting ready to cut him open with her scalpel when she awoke from her daydream with a start to see Sly standing and waving at her from the sidewalk near her parked Bentley.

It was a hot July day and he was evidently on his way to a nearby pond for a swim. He had a towel draped over his shoulder and was naked except for a sexy thong bathing suit and a pair of flip-flops. Her gaze involuntarily zeroed in on his crotch where the outline of his well endowed cock and two large balls were clearly visible.

She motioned for him to come over and rolled down her window. The hot summer air blew into the air-conditioned interior. She invited him to skip swimming and to come up to see her at her house instead. Her coy smile and twinkle in her eye promised him much fun and games if he complied. “And, after all, Sly, I’ve got a swimming pool, too. And it’d just be the two of us.”

After a moments hesitation he thanked her profusely and said the prospect of having her all to himself for a full afternoon and evening sounded very tempting and absolutely heavenly. And then he made a very sincere apology and said that he’d really have to take a rain check and do it some other time. With that he gave her a dazzling smile and a wave and then turned on his heel and continued on his way.

Doc Granger sat fuming in her car as she watched Sly’s cute, fascinating, frustrating, slippery, unobtainable, maddeningly desirable and completely intact ass sashay away from her once more. Her eunuch chauffeur, James, who had been watching and listening, chuckled silently under his breath.

She angrily ordered James to take her to a nearby bar. She quickly went into the bar and just as quickly returned with an unsuspecting young man she had picked up. But her encounter with Sly had so befuddled her and thrown her off her game that even when she had her new conquest strapped down in the stocks she merely jerked him off with her automated masturbation sleeve and then let him go without bothering to castrate him.

When she let him out of the stocks, the young man knew that something was missing, that there should have been much more to their encounter, but he couldn’t begin to guess what it was. Doc Granger just gave him a little hug and a kiss and a quick squeeze to his package before dismissing him, instructing him to get dressed and that James would drive him home.

That night, Doc Granger tossed and turned fitfully and could hardly get to sleep all night long, obsessing about Sly and his tantalizingly inaccessible balls. The next day, feeling totally wrung out and exhausted after her sleepless night she decided she needed a change of scene. She cancelled all her scheduled appointments and booked a quickie overseas holiday in the Greek islands. While there she carried out two highly erotic and satisfying castrations on two young Greek men and when she returned she felt completely rested, refreshed and renewed. The next time she saw Sly on the street she completely ignored him. She realized that life was too short to allow that sort of self-destructive fixation to ruin her enjoyment.

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