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WaveCollection – Take a Peek

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I loved it also, well done cartoon and quite erotic. I’ve being fantasizing about having my balls removed (cut off ) by a female Castrater for quite a while now, I’m done with them and am fairly motivated , and I like this scenario two or more women have elastrator bands on my balls to limit blood loss the ladies use a scalpel to expose my balls from my sac, they actually skin the scrotum off of the balls taking their time and video recording the whole thing also having a casual chat while doing the operation maybe even having a few giggles at my discomfort all the while assuring me I will be allowed one last cum by jerking off before the last snip of my spermatic cords after the skinning is finished if my erection remains which is right now straining and dribbling a little precum

Poor guy. What he wanted was so fucking attractive naked girls but he got so much harsh punishment for that. He got giggled and humiliated and got his balls cut off, finishing his entire life as a man.

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