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Neocorona – milking machines

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Amazing! I wish I could build a bondage chair/bench like that in the second picture… Its possible but a lot of work and I dunno if I could make it universal to all guys body sizes, my venus 2000 would work as the milker.

I hope they nut the boys that cum production diminishes, once they go below a certain daily volume for more than 3 days they are locked in solitary and chastity for 2 weeks while being fed foods to make them horny and produce cum. The day of the de-balling they are tied into a chair or onto a bench with their dicks inside a milker again, this time they are told every time they cum the banding wire or ball crusher would tighten. Some would be forced to have countless orgasms before dry, once they were actually shooting nothing the machines would pick up pace with an electroejaculator inserted into their asses, this could and would force them to orgasm via electrical impulses sent into the prostate and anus but the process was painful to start and now magnified 100 fold since their dicks had just been worked over painfully, their balls either banded or squished to almost the point of castration.
The electroejaculator would begin while the milking machine continued working their dicks, it would force 10 consecutive orgasms within 5 minutes or less leaving the males crying and begging, on the 10th orgasm (all of these dry) the bander would heat up and tighten to castrate them or the males in benches and crushers would have it tighten until both balls painfully popped with the last dry orgasm. Sometimes they should keep the nutted boys hooked up and brought to another 10.

I have a lot of semen and I masturbate once or twice every day. It is interesting for me to be milked by women with shower milk.

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