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“Because you are an eunuch asshole son of a bitch stealing others ideas…wish u death son of abitch”

I’m kind of losing my incentive to continue this blog with this kind of treatment. – Admin

Oh, and the big ‘idea’ I stole was a link to a surgical orchiectomy video. I found it in a comment and thought I’d share it with everyone. I don’t make any money or gain any fame from this blog. I post to share, that’s all. – Admin

I had to block another commenter yesterday because he kept calling me ‘loser’, ‘asshole’ and ‘freak’. These are people that thought they could bully me into posting a lot of animal castration videos. It makes me realize that although this blog is intended to be purely masochistic I have inadvertently also attracted a lot of sadists. It’s unavoidable. And it undermines my desire to continue. – Admin

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Just wanted to say thank you for putting this blog out here for us! Don’t let others influence our kinks in a negative way. Much appreciation from my end 😁

You are a very brave soul because you are pushing the edges of free speech.
It’s women like you who have the broad shoulders for your younger sisters to stand on.

Really sorry that you are getting such nasty comments. Jimmy Hoffa had a sign in his office that said: “Don’t let the bastards wear you down “.

Very sorry you got these people bothering you. I hope you carry on the blog it is very entertaining. No matter what you post someone will take offense and abuse you. Better to just carry on.

You have provided for free endless wonderful content for many years, please don’t give up because the internet is full of mouth breathing npcs living in their own filth

I’m sorry to hear about the harassments. This blog is one of the few out there that shares my kink, if this goes, I think it’s the last blog for a lot of people. With that said, you’ve more than done your share for this community of misfits, and if you’re exhausted, I think you more than anyone deserves a break, doesn’t mean you can’t come back though.

Such a shame people are so rude about something so delightful and free. I guess people will be angry about anything. This site is lovely and I hope you continue despite the misspent rage.

I have a tragedy, thanks to a ball-less, empty scrotum, but no mistress. My “surgery” did not include any assistance. Now, I can only wonder if sex-slave former-males have any hope of sexual companionship without a castratrix. Are there any women so enthusiastic about castration I could date somehow? My sex drive is still extreme, and submissiveness makes me hard!

I agree, there are always haters, does not matter what it is, what the subject is, someone, somewhere, will hate it, thing you have to remember is, people usually only post when they are angrey or passionate about something. Most people do not. Lol like me, if their into this fetish, their searching the net constantly trying to find more of this stuff so dont have time to post lol! Lol probably why they were posting what they did is they are so uptight that they cant find their particular fetish, that their lashing out against those who are the closest to their fetish in frustration, just, hoping, for some sort of lead. Everyones different, even among people supposedly into the same thing. Me, i am into penectomy, at the hands of females orgasming at doing it, a purely sexual thing, others prefer angry women, castration, male on male, medical, the list goes on and on, an thats in just this fetish subsection! Secret is, just to remember that, the fact so many have posted their support, when most would rather die than let others know they have this fetish, i think that says it all! For everyone thats posted, times it by 100,000! Thats the real number of people you help! Compare that against the number of those complaining! Lol an even those visit you, trying to find cas fetish stuff lol.

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