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“Bare Blades” magazine article (fake)

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An imaginative tale. Men were desperately begging to keep their balls. But in spite of their agonizing pleas, the women took their balls with gusto and firm determination. The women were feeling extremely powerful, alive and free as never before.
The men, after moaning for months or more, finally became filled with great inner joy at having their balls forcibly taken by the women.
The men were now free from lust and frustration. They enjoyed feelings and emotions more.
The women got the kind of attention they wanted from men. The men were also concentrated on pleasing the woman instead of selfishly focusing on their lust.
Oh what joy there was in gynarchy-ville.

This is so true.
I am so fed up with my (so called) sex-drive.
I’d rather focus on satisfying and obeying women
than having those stupid ”leakings”

Wow, featured on Castration Is Love, I’ve really made it now! Glad you like the article.

Sorry to hear about the negativity you’ve been getting lately. As someone with similar interests (femdom power dynamics in a medical setting) all I can say is, your blog is great, keep it up, and I appreciate your willingness to exert some editorial control. Independent sites like this are important for maintaining some diversity in where this kind of content “lives” on the internet.

I am fully agree with gynarchy women about taking off the aggressive part from men – the testicles. The next step beside my desire to be an eunuch i to find a girl/woman doing this on me, a German guy.

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