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5 more comix from monkeeman0918

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Thanks man, after some criticism you got before, i wanted to tell you i think your blog is awesome, keep up the good work!

It’s nice how these cartoons are detailed, but not too gory actually

We women are not all sugar and spice and everything nice. As a strong woman I must confess that I have on occasion looked at a man and fantasized about taking his testicles and eating them. Oh what a wonderful power rush that is! Oh you poor men. When I give a man that devilish little smile, he’ll never know what’s really on my mind. Oh the fun of little secrets.

What’s in husband mind:
All week long, i take care of my children when my wife is at work. Friday night, she Comes back. I lie in couch watching TV, she’s nearby, working on her personal computer. Looking straight up at her, i slip one hand under my boxer. I find shaved skin and two balls like lychees with rough epididyme behind. Under thumb and index finger, i press spermatic cord and blood feeding canal. I feel how much my balls are fragile. Inès catches my sight. Could she even think i want to loose my manhood for her? She smiles. In less than few weeks, she won’t have my dick any more to suffer it when complying to be tired.
At the moment she says she loves me.

Dude I think you need a psychologist. your preference is sick. these comics are disgusting. practice drawing rather than wanting to cut off testicles. the drawing is mediocre.

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